Friday, January 8, 2010

Chapter 1: The People and the Field

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  1. Setting the context: new/expanded topics

    1) a mention of the Flynn effect accompanied by a special emphasis on the fact that we have become a kinder gentler species over time. (I'll be discussing the Flynn effect in more detail in several chapters of the book)

    2) Updated data on 21st century changes in the family; (also to be discussed in detail in subsequent chapters)

    3) MOST IMPORTANT: A new head discussing the events producing the Great Recession of 2008 (how it began with the housing bubble etc) accompanied by charts documenting growing income inequality and the rise in underemployment and unemployment (Again, I'll be returning to the recession's wide-ranging effects throughout the book)

    Theories: New/expanded topics

    1) In the nurture nature discussion, highlighting the fact that high quality nurture can literally change our human nature by referring to the Flynn effect above

    2) Inserting a new head specifically describing Freud's ideas, that goes well beyond a simplistic focus on psychosexual stages to target the psychoanalytic concepts that will really make sense to students (such as the fact that that ego strength or self-knowledge is the key to a successful life)

    4) Providing a graphic visually illustrating Bronfenbrenner's model (for instructors who want to cover that specific theory)

    Research methods/conclusion:

    Emphasizing the basic research point "its all statistical" --to immediately undercut that frustrating student lament, "This isn't true because it doesn't apply to me!"